Women’s Issues

Women:Woman with Megaphone

If you are struggling with balancing work and your personal life, I can help you find a more peaceful balance.  Our work together may include focusing on assertiveness in personal and work relationships.  Speaking up in a diplomatic way is often difficult for women, and you may find yourself  ”stuffing” your feelings or trying to ignore them.  I can teach you to voice them gently but effectively.

Assorted book recommendations:

  • The Dance of Anger  by Lerner
  • Your Perfect Right  by Alberti and Emmons
  • The Dance of Intimacy  by Lerner
  • The Dance of Connection  by Lerner
  • Cutting Loose-An Adult Guide to Coming to Terms With Your Parents  by Halpern

Movies related to women getting healthier:

  • “LeavingNormal”Women
  • “Fried Green Tomatoes”
  • “Alice”
  • “An Unmarried Woman”
  • “On Golden Pond”
  • “Shirley Valentine”
  • “Waiting To Exhale”