Are you fed up with your parents?  They just don’t get you, and they’re driving you nuts? Maybe you’re worried about your attachment to your cell phone, or you’re way too caught up in Facebook world? You might find it really helpful to talk to me—I’m not your mom or dad, and I’m not one of your friends, so I’ll listen without judging or telling you what to do;  I’ll help you figure out how to get along better with friends, family, teachers and in school.

 I’d be happy to work with you and your parents in whatever combination is necessary to help you all feel more respected and even enjoy each other’s company again!  You also may want to try Brainspotting as a way of making those angry, anxious, depressed or overwhelming feelings less intense and more manageable.

I specialize in teaching your family the difference between healthy teenage behavior, and problem behaviors that may be more dangerous to you and/or your family. I can help you and your parents decide which battles to stick with, and which ones to let go of.

I conduct this therapy through any combination of family meetings (including siblings), individual meetings, and parent meetings, depending on which approach is most comfortable for all of you.  I also meet with kids and their friends when appropriate.

Movie suggestions for teens:

  • “The Breakfast Club”
  • “Dead Poet’s Society”
  • “Ordinary People”
  • “St.Elmo’s Fire”
  • “Flirting”
  • “Muriel’s Wedding”